The Circle Academy

The Circle Academy is a 12-week intensive, practical and educational training programme for individuals interested in running More Than Profit businesses.

The programme will provide the tools and building blocks to start, launch and grow their More Than Profit organisation and a resource bank of information and mentors to provide ongoing support and guidance as the candidate’s proposals are formulated and refined.


  • 12-week programme of topics and speakers delivered alongside income generating tasks.
  • A cashflow, business plan and marketing strategy will be developed throughout the duration of the 12-week course with support from The Circle team
  • Board meetings to report on the income generating tasks
  • 2 intensive days per week, with speakers and founders from More Than Profit organisations.
  • Each candidate will have the opportunity to work in the co-working space during the 12-week programme and also for the 9 months following.
  • They will also take part in a pitch competition where the cohort will pitch to a panel and room of investors. One successful candidate can win the income, which has been generated through tasks throughout the 12-week programme.
  • At the end of the 12-week intensive programme, candidates will be offered the opportunity to attend 9 monthly workshops.

The end goal will be to develop highly investable people, who have produced a well-researched and credible business plan worthy of investment.

Cohort 2 begins on Thursday 20th February 2020.

Who is The Circle Academy programme for?

  • You have an idea, you are at an early stage, you have worked on your project in your spare time, or simply are working on the side. You don’t have funding (not much, anyway), but you have made enough progress that this programme will be an excellent learning and growth opportunity. Quite possibly, you have even achieved some traction in under 3 years so that you will start the programme with momentum.
  • We will consider individuals, who work for existing companies and organisations, who are in Leadership, Management, CEO roles
  • People who are looking for a career change or to find out more about running a More Than Profit organisation.
  • We will also consider applications from Trustees and those interested in governance such as  Directors and non executive directors who want to learn more about growing their organisations. 
  • We also welcome applications from Funders and  Investors.

To apply please download the Application Form below:

Please email your completed application form to Applications for the second cohort close on Friday 14th February and you must be available to start on Thursday 20th February.