Our Spaces

We know that many organisations in Dundee and surrounding areas struggle with their space. It’s too big, too small, too expensive, too out-the-way. The lease is too long or too short. You just need somewhere to plug in your laptop. You need your own office. You need to network. You need to close the door and get your head down.

We understand that organisations have different requirements from each other and even these change through time. We also know that the cost of rent and utilities can be a major barrier to the growth of your organisation. We have designed The Circle to be as flexible as possible and have a range of spaces to support charities, social enterprises, community groups and socially aware businesses.

Whether you are just starting up, are an established organisation or just need a venue for meetings we have space for you at The Circle.

We are also home to a social enterprise café and community gardens which will offer training and facilities to the community as well as interesting spaces for our tenants and members.