A regular programme of events is fundamental to what we do at The Circle. Promoting networking and collaboration between sectors, organisations and individuals is essential for a thriving community hub. Check out our upcoming events below or view our Events Calendar.

Upcoming events

Concept Garden – Tools to help your ideas flourish

Tuesday 21st August

10am – 12pm


This 2 hour taster workshop will allow you the opportunity to problem-solve using a creative approach and learn new techniques to explore problem solving methods that really do work using this Concept Garden model.

When we have a problem we often just jump in, find an idea and then assume that the problem is solved. This is like deciding we want to grow something, taking one seed, planting it and hoping that we will get something to harvest.

The Concept Garden web application is a set of tools and techniques to help with the different stages of problem solving. There are tools to study the problem (prepare the ground), generate ideas (plant the seeds), select the preferred options (thin the seedlings), build the ideas (grow the plants) and record the final concept (harvest the fruit). You can see more details at

Dr Billy Grierson of Perth innovation Ltd is bringing this creative learning workshop to The Circle to give you practical insight into problem solving from a different perspective.

Learning outcomes for this workshop include:

  • Practical insight to using the Concept Garden model
  • Creative thinking techniques to apply practically in the workplace
  • Leaving inspired to apply this method to new problems as they arise

This taster session is delivered at reduced rate as part of our CSR partners commitment to sharing knowledge at The Circle with wider community benefits by offering collective advantage to those who purchase our training offers.

We are pleased to be able to offer this at a heavily discounted rate of £20 per person and this includes tea and coffee.

This is a one off session. Places are limited so please book to avoid disappointment.

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What does CSR really mean to business?

Thursday 23rd August

1.30pm – 5pm


How your business interacts with the environment around it, be that through local training schemes for young people or having robust recycling policies in place to address global concerns, is fundamental to its success.

Corporate social responsibility is no longer a ‘nice thing to do’ that can be ticked off with an annual coffee morning (although those are nice) but of strategic concern to your whole organisation. Demonstrating your values is now of commercial importance when bidding for public contracts and competing in a crowded marketplace.

Hosted in partnership with The Circle this event will look at some of the factors that ensure you are considering your sustainability in Dundee, Scotland and the World while improving your organisation’s performance.

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“We are all screwed up and that’s okay!” Learning Take Away Workshop

dawn walton (1)

Thursday 23rd August

10am – 11.30am

“We are all screwed up, and that’s ok!”

From this perspective we can start to look to make change happen. If you can “Think it then you can change it”…..

Dawn Walton offers this interesting insight from her practitioner perspective as a Cognitive Therapist and her mission in life is to help people with their behavioural difficulties. She has a wealth of experience under her belt enabling others to make change happen and her Ted Ex talk explores the boundaries of keeping good mental health and surviving the everyday.

Find more on  information about her practice on her website:

This workshop is suitable for those who wish to gain insight into understanding common blocks associated with mental health issues such as depression/anxiety/ low confidence and looking at the cognitive bias that influences our limiting self behaviours such as procrastination, self doubt and self sabotage.

This workshop will be useful to those who work in mental health or support services, or have an interest to further learning for personal development to support others or for self help and care.

Learning Takeaways

  • What you will take away from this workshop:
  • Quick fix strategies for overcoming self doubt, anxiety, low confidence
  • Motivators to enable the change you want to happen
  • Access to free and practical resources to help you navigate online self help tools
  • Practical tips for freeing yourself of rigid thinking patterns
  • Positive Self talk

Environment and Costs

Friendly group learning environment

Cost – £30 per head plus a copy of her book to take away + tea/coffee included Duration 1.5hrs

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Growth Mindset Workshop with Jamie McBrearty

Tuesday 4th September

10am – 4pm


Mindset is a buzzword in many sectors and organisations, even working its way into their mission statements. But when we probe, you often discover that people’s understanding of the idea is limited.

My workshop will provide a deep understanding of mindset and look at three common misconceptions and this ‘Interactive learning session’ will help you to unlock your potential to:

Embed a growth mindset culture across organisations
Provide attendees with tools, methods and techniques
Lead organisational change towards creating an environment conducive to Growth Mindset
This workshop is suitable for those wanting to explore how they can take change forward and optimise their potential for personal and organisational growth.

This full day course comes with Lunch included and at a discounted rate of £25 per delegate due to our community offerings commitment and generous partnership discounted rates.

Safety Net Training

Safety Net

Friday 14th September

10am – 12.30pm

This Taster workshop will cover methods of using the net safely with young people and community groups.

Learning objectives:

  • To examine difference between unacceptable/acceptable social media usage.
  • To help professionals and community members become aware of what dangers are online and how this can affect an individual’s life.
  • To help professionals and community members understand and feel confident to be able to deal with issues relating to extremism and online grooming and how to access and provide support to anyone who is in harm.

Emergency First Aid Training

Monday 17th September

10am – 5pm

First Aid Perthshire was established in 2016 to assist with local First Aid Training delivered by Peter Richardson. With over 30 years in the Health and Leisure industry, Peter is now offering a wide selection of First Aid Training courses. He is fully qualified to instruct all of the listed courses and can provide plenty of experience from his dealings with all different types of situations I have encountered.

Each course is a mixture of presentation with practical sessions and using a wide variety of first aid equipment which will enhance their skills in dealing with situations.

Any delegate gaining a certificate will receive a monthly first aid topic emailed to ensure that First Aid is fresh in their minds. This will be a 3 year commitment from the Trainer and offer extra support to embed the learning well after the course has taken place.

Course Details and topics covered:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work Course, approved by HSE covers a wide range of topics which include:-
  • Legislation,
  • Responsibilities,
  • Primary Survey, Secondary Survey,
  • Respiratory System, Resuscitation for Adult, Child & Infant,
  • Defibrillator,Wounds, Bleeding, Epilepsy, Burns and Scalds, plus Foreign Objects.

The course is a mixture of practical, discussion and video.


General Admission – £60 per delegate

With Lunch – £70 per delegate

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Fundraising for Growth – Learning Lunch with Kirsty Thomson

Thursday 20th September

12.30pm – 2pm

Join us at The Circle for an exciting learning lunch and facilitated networking opportunity to hear from Kirsty Thomson founder and CEO of The Circle. Takeaway learning that will challenge you to think in new ways about your business charity or social enterprise needs.

This information session will offer you insight into a number of ways you can successfully fundraise to grow your organisation whether you are charity, social enterprise, community groups or a socially aware business.

Learning takeaways for this session will cover core aspects of how to fundraise effectively.

Topics covered:

  • Community/ Regional Fundraising
  • Event Fundraising
  • Individual Giving
  • Major Donor Fundraising
  • Statutory Fundraising
  • Trusts & Foundations

You will leave with a better understanding of this subject and one page guide on important factors to consider when fundraising as a helpful resource.

Buffet Lunch and tea/coffee are included in the ticket price of £15.

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Rock Your Brand Workshop with Col Gray

Col Gray workshop

Thursday 20th September

2pm – 4pm

This workshop is aimed at SME’s, Consultants, Social Enterprise and anyone looking at how to create brand identity from scratch.

The learning takeaways from this workshop will enhance your understanding of what you need to create and become a successful brand for your business or enterprise.

In this session you will learn about the fundamental building blocks to create a strong brand identity and how to use clever design elements to advocate your:

  • Core Values
  • Purpose
  • Story and Tone

A fully participative, presentation and opportunity to gain insight into the mind of a creative genius in this 2 hour experience.

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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolustion

Tuesday 9th October

10am – 4pm

This session will help you reflect and build upon your existing conflict resolution skills.

Learning Outcomes

This course will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of some of the dynamics of conflict
  • Identify triggers to potential family conflict
  • Review skills and mediation for resolving conflict


Welcome & introductions
Preliminaries & registration
Relationships: Meaning, need & impact
Conflict: What is conflict? Communication – messages received/stories applied Stages to adulthood-identity & independence Triggers – Silly wee things* Anger – Emotions, coping with and the anger cycle* Illustrating conflict escalation
Responses: Response styles Response behaviours
Resolving conflict: De-escalation Reviewing skills, techniques and mediation
Evaluation & Feedback: Q & A Evaluation

This training is funded by Scottish Government and delivered by Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution.

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The Circle Friendship Club

friendship club eventbrite image

Every Tuesday 1pm – 3pm

Come along to The Circle for our Friendship Club! Meet new people, enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and cake, play some board games and make some friends.

Attendance costs £2 per person. Register for free on Facebook and pay on arrival.