“We’re all screwed up and that’s okay” with Dawn Walton


The Circle

4-6 Staffa Place, Dundee, DD2 3SX

Dundee, Scotland, GB, DD2 3SX

Latest research shows that one in four people has a mental health problem. This means that three in four do not. This is simply not true. We’re all screwed up. We need to change the language to “One in four people have a screw up that is getting in the way of their life right now”.

If you have a problem with your car, you go and see a mechanic at a garage to fix it. If you have a problem with a strained muscle, you go and see a Physiotherapist, or a Doctor. If you have a problem with your head, you assume you should be able to fix it yourself. Why is that?

In this entertaining and informative workshop. Dawn Walton will share how she overcame an abusive childhood to have a successful career as a global business consultant. And then, how she turned her back on all of that once she found her own happiness. She is now a practising therapist and author, having helped nearly 700 clients find their own happiness. You will come away from this talk with more than just insight. You will leave the talk looking at yourself and everyone around you in a different light

This workshop is part of a programme of events taking place at The Circle Dundee for Mental Health Awareness Week.

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