Consultancy Services

The Circle Consultancy can provide you with advice and support on a range of topics from determining the legal structure of your organisation to writing grant applications.

Lead Consultant and CEO of the Circle, Kirsty Thomson, has worked for over 20 years supporting charities, social enterprises and community groups. A testament to the success is the achievement of the creation of 100s of jobs and raising over £13 million for these organisations in her career to date. To date we have worked with and mentored 40 organisations through the startup process to become either commercial businesses, social enterprises or charities who are focused on a More Than Profit approach to running their organisation. We have supported organisations both in the UK and internationally, including clients in Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

We have delivered over 100 events, developed and delivered various training programmes, sourced grant funding and written business plans and funding strategies. In addition, we have supported clients to develop and implement projects and their own launch events, campaigns and social media and media profile.    

“Kirsty is great to work with: she has a very professional, business like approach; she has loads of information at her finger tips and is happy to share this; she does what she says she is going to do in a timely fashion and gives very useful, constructive feedback.”

Ali Millican, Founder and CEO of Nurture Parents

Meet with us

To get an idea of how we can best support your organisation, we like to arrange 30 minute one-to-one sessions with Kirsty. We have created an online calendar to make booking a session with Kirsty easier for you. You can view the calendar and book your one-to-one below.