Community Space

We want The Circle to provide space for the community to access leisure facilities. Whether this is popping for a cup of tea in our café, joining a horticulture class in the community gardens or coming along to an exhibition, we want to see people come together in our hub in the north of Dundee.

Work on the social enterprise café and community gardens will begin in 2017 and there are opportunities for funders and local groups to get involved from the very beginning.

Community gardens

We would love to see this area growing produce for the café and nurturing plants to bring life to the rest of the building. Horticulture is a great way for groups to learn new skills, practice teamwork and experience the benefits of exercise and fresh air.

Social enterprise café

Our tenants, co-workers, Friends of the Circle and the local community need a space to come together and socialise. The cafe at The Circle will become the heart of what we do. It will become a meeting place for colleagues and friends from The Circle to much further afield to catch up and discuss ideas.

We want groups to use the café for their regular events, such as new parents and babies, book clubs, and knitting circles.







To enquire about the community gardens or social enterprise café, contact us using our enquiry form.