The Circle Academy partners with The Eden Project

New for 2021! The Circle Academy has teamed up with Eden Project and their partners AimHi to offer access to their Climate CourseClimate, Nature and How to Make a Difference.  Participants will learn from inside the rainforest in a live and interactive 4-part course, featuring inspiring role models, experts and young change makers from around the world. Get to grips with key climate concepts in just 4 short lessons and feel empowered to make positive change.

About The Circle Academy

The Circle Academy is a practical and educational training programme for individuals interested in running a ‘More Than Profit’ business. The programme is open to anyone who wants to create positive, social or environmental change in a sustainable and commercially viable way.

The Circle Academy is an SQA accredited training programme for social entrepreneurs which is focused on developing skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset.

Climate Course from The Eden Project and AimHi in partnership with The Circle Academy.

About AimHi

AimHi exists to make world-class, live learning accessible to everyone. We’re on a mission to transform global understanding of climate and nature. Nowhere is the education system failing us more than climate and nature. The greatest crisis in history has no magic bullet solutions. Solving it needs world-class education that spans geographies and cultures.

This is what we intend to do.

About Eden Project 

There is a planetary emergency. Only by deepening our collective understanding of the interconnections between all living things and seeing them as a whole can we protect the Earth and engender environmental harmony and social equity.  

We need to inspire citizenship over consumption in order to care for this planet, Spaceship Earth, our only home that provides us ‒ and all life ‒ with fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, rich biodiversity, a stable climate and an awesome recycling system. Exploring how it all interconnects can transform our understanding of the world and help us see, how together, our actions can make a difference.

Applications for The Circle Academy are still open with funded places given to people who fit at least one of the criteria below;

  • those from or working in rural communities.
  • people whose business is in the environmental space.
  • young people under 30.

A group of 21 people standing together in front of a building underneath a sign with The Circle logo on it

Scotland’s Social Enterprise Action Plan: How The Circle aligns with priority areas

In 2016 The Scottish Government published its 10 year Social Enterprise Strategy. This plan, developed in collaboration with organisations within the sector, sets out the government’s ambitions for social enterprise in Scotland. As part of this, a Social Enterprise Action Plan for 2021 to 2024 was published in March 2021.

How does The Circle see itself fitting into the Social Enterprise Action Plan?

The Scottish Government have highlighted a number of key priority areas within the plan to help achieve the aims of the Social Enterprise Strategy. We were delighted to see there were a number of areas where our work already aligns with some of the strategy’s key priority areas:

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The Circle logo - 16 connected coloured dots in concentric sets of two (red, yellow, lime green, dark purple, blue, green, light red and light purple) in the shape of a 'C' next to the words 'The Circle' in grey lettering

Welcoming our two newest Board members

We are delighted to welcome two newly appointed non-executive Directors to The Circle’s Board. Campbell Archibald and Caroline Lees are joining the Board to help oversee the organisation’s ambitious plans for growth based on its new three-year strategy. These recruitments have come at an exciting period of development for us including our recent announcement of plans to expand to a site in Glasgow.

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exterior of a 3 story red building with sign reading 'Westwood Business Centre' on the front

The Circle is coming to Glasgow

We are thrilled to announce that Circle Scotland CIC is expanding its operations to a second site, this time in Glasgow. We are taking over the Westwood Business Centre in Easterhouse, opening our doors to the community and local businesses later this Summer.

We launched our first hub in Dundee in 2016, initially offering affordable offices, co-working space, community spaces and meeting and event spaces. We also provide consultancy and business support as well as our training programme for social entrepreneurs, The Circle Academy. The Circle is now looking to expand into further sites, like the one in Glasgow, to create more hubs where organisations can collaborate to pool resources and find new creative ways to work.

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A Kickstart: Tips for employing young people in 2021

With the country slowly opening back up, and the introduction of the government’s Kickstart scheme, It’s highly likely that your organisation may be looking to recruit new talent and offer opportunities to young people. 16-25 year olds have been disproportionately impacted by job losses over the last 12 months, and many more have missed out on furlough due to zero hour or casual contracts, or working on a freelance/self-employed basis.

New figures have revealed that 63% of those who faced job losses in the last 12 months were under 25. Employees aged 25 and under were nearly two and a half times as likely to work in a sector that was shut down due to social distancing, with many of these unlikely to return to full staffing levels for some time.

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The Circle logo - 16 connected coloured dots in concentric sets of two (red, yellow, lime green, dark purple, blue, green, light red and light purple) in the shape of a 'C' next to the words 'The Circle' in grey lettering

Help shape The Circle’s future as a non-exec Director

The Circle is a hub for charities, social enterprises, community groups and socially aware businesses.  We provide affordable offices, co-working and community space, as well as affordable meeting and event spaces.  By bringing organisations together, we are promoting collaboration and fostering innovation that does social good in the city.  We have recently launched The Circle Academy, a training programme for individuals interested in running “More Than Profit” businesses.

You can read our most recent Social Impact Report here.

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Ask The Circle: TAX Returns.

Do you find yourself leaving your TAX Returns to the last minute year after year? Find completing your TAX Return tedious and complicated? Do you want to know if you really need to do it, and if it really matters if it’s a little late?

Our Financial Controller Ruth has answered all of your need to know questions, so if you struggled this year, then the information below should help you to be much better prepared next time…

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