Job Opportunity – Academy Manager

Academy Manager

Location –The Circle, 4 – 6 Staffa Place, Dundee, DD2 3SX

Hours –Full time (35 hours per week)

Salary –£25,000 – £30,000 dependant on experience


The Circle is an award-winning Social Enterprise in Dundee. Recognised for their social impact, The Circle is a business and community hub and is home to 17 organisations ranging from small private businesses to national charities. With big ambitions for 2019, The Circle is seeking a commercially aware and professional Academy Manager to join their team and take the lead on developing the programme within the organisation. An exciting opportunity to join the motivated team of one of Dundee’s most thriving new Social Enterprises.

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Jenny McCarthy has joined The Circle team

I am The Circle’s newest member of staff having joined in January 2019. My role is Trainee Associate Consultant so I will be working closely with Kirsty on our consultancy services.

I started at The Circle after four years working for ACK Third Sector Consultancy CIC, a consultancy for charities, social enterprises, community groups and individuals working in the third sector. My time with ACK began on a 13-week placement through Craigowl Communities’ Toolbox Project. The placement involved doing administrative work. After the placement was finished, they decided to keep me on part time as a Junior Administrator. In time my role developed and I moved into a new position as a Marketing Officer which was a great fit for me.

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Young stroke survivor, Jennifer, goes from strength to strength at The Circle

The Circle has taken on a new member of staff to handle bookings of their event and meeting rooms as well as scheduling training for the local community. Jennifer Gall joined The Circle team in November 2018 as Bookings and Training Administrator. This followed a year of working as a Junior Administrator for third sector consultancy, ACK, a role that was funded by Community Jobs Scotland.

Before her time with ACK, Jennifer had been unemployed for a number of months and had struggled to find employment. Jennifer had a stroke when she was 18 which left her with aphasia – an inability (or impaired ability) to understand or produce speech – as a result, some organisations that Jennifer had applied to work for doubted her abilities which made finding a job harder.

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Job Opportunity – Financial Controller position

Job title – Financial Controller

Company name – Circle Scotland CIC

Job location – Dundee

Salary – £30,000 – £36,000 per year (depending on experience)

Job type – Full-time

Job description

The Circle is an award-winning Social Enterprise in Dundee. Recognised for our social impact, The Circle is a business and community hub and is home to 17 organisations ranging from small private businesses to national charities. With big ambitions for 2019, The Circle is seeking a driven and professional Financial Controller to join the team and take the lead on finance within the organisation. An exciting opportunity to join the motivated team of one of Dundee’s most thriving new Social Enterprises.

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A Case Study by Sam Coleman of the Wise Group

Case Study – Michael Ratcliffe

I first met Michael back in April 2018. Before I’d joined the Wise Group Michael had just been through a call centre academy with us and had subsequently moved into employment. Sadly Michael didn’t take to the training that well and hadn’t received the support he needed while at work. Michael is autistic and has certain requirements while learning new information.

He wanted to do admin so we discussed his CV and where he’d like to work. I had already become rather fond of Michael and started to understand him better each time we met. He already knew how old I was, how many family members I had and indeed how old they are. We had spent a lot of time together while I worked to arrange an admin placement for him in Dundee. Michael is an absolute joy to work with and he clearly has a lot to offer.

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Welcoming you to The Circle Dundee on a Wednesday morning is Shiyi Liu


I noticed some interesting events of The Circle via Facebook, it was shared by the University of Dundee page.


As a passionate young adult, I am finishing my International Business project and I am looking forward to be a volunteer here since Dundee is a really nice and magic place that gives me a lot of surprises. At the same time, I have been very grateful for what I have received and now it seems a good way to give it back. I thought  I could be involved in some productive stuff especially to gain some new skills this summer.


Before I came here to see the building here I knew that The Circle is a hub for charities, social enterprises, community groups in Dundee, providing affordable offices, co-working and community space. The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kirsty Thomson, is a friendly and charming lady who showed us every corner inside the building and after that I knew more about of The Circle and how things operated here.


Smiling is a lovely way to greet with people and I think it’s a good way to start a brand new day as well. Working as a receptionist can be a pleasant experience because you can see different individuals and try to help them as much as you can. Besides, being patient and willing to listen to others really make sense. I am quite happy with the current situation and every week I feel inspired by all my lovely colleagues.


If you are interested in volunteering opportunities at The Circle please contact for more information.

Welcoming you to The Circle on a Tuesday afternoon is Corinne Duncan


Having been going through some changes at work, I found myself looking for some new opportunities so I actually came across The Circle by accident in my search. Everything happens for a reason right?


I have been a Volunteer Therapist at Roxburgh House for the last 3 years so I already know what a difference it can make to offer a service that might not otherwise be available. It’s an excellent way to feel part of the community. Having been in the same job for a very long time, volunteering at The Circle also gives me the chance to see what else I can do.


The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone is. It makes for a great environment. I really like that the circle is about the community and giving back. I think it’s a great idea to give the different charities and community groups around Dundee a chance to come together, get to know each other and share ideas. The co-working space is genius…and affordable. I remember my son looking for something like this a few years ago when working from home (it might have saved him a small fortune in coffee shops) but the few spaces available were expensive.


I hope to bring a warm friendly welcome to everyone who walks through our doors. My IT skills only just get me by but I’m keen to learn and hopefully my HR experience will help make up for that. I feel quite excited to be part of something that is going to grow into something special for Dundee.

Welcoming you to the Circle on a Tuesday morning is Jeff Nyoni

How did you find out about the Circle?

I had wanted to start volunteering in Dundee for the last few months. As my schedule cleared with my exams being done, I then had the time available to do so. Luckily at that time someone posted a link to the Circle website on a University of Dundee Facebook group and here I am!


Why do you want to volunteer?

I have always believed that volunteering is an important part of my continuing education and personal growth. I feel that I get to learn about myself and work on my weakness in this environment. That is my motivation in volunteering.

What do you like about the Circle?

I like working with organizations that help their local communities. It’s inspiring to see how many people care about members of the Dundee community and wake up every day to try and help those around them.

What will you bring to the Circle?

I bring my experience working in various roles in organizations trying to create a lasting impact, an enthusiasm to always be a productive part of the community, and an eagerness to learn more about how all the organizations at the Circle help others every single day.


If you are interested in Volunteering at The Circle, please contact

Welcoming you to The Circle on a Monday morning – Emma Mills


I found out about The Circle via Facebook, it was shared the University of Dundee page.


I have quite a lot of time off from University during summer and I wanted to spend my time productively, so alongside my dissertation I thought volunteering would help me fill my free time and gain new skills. I was keen to volunteer as it gives back to the community and enhances my employability in the future.


Firstly, I like how welcoming everyone is. It’s a very friendly and calm environment.  The location is well situated as it is accessible to everyone, even those who cannot drive as it has a good bus route. I also like the general idea of The Circle as a hub for charities, businesses and social enterprise – the affordable and accessible services which The Circle offers will help these individuals/organisations flourish and thus enhance Dundee overall.  The position gives the opportunity to meet with an array of different individuals.


As a receptionist at the Circle, I can bring a welcoming and friendly first impression when people come into The Circle. I can help with any social media promotions through my Facebook or university sites, to reach out to more people (e.g. self-employed individuals or student charities) to widen the scope of awareness for The Circle.

If you are interested in Volunteering opportunities at The Circle please contact for more information.


Job Opportunity – Training and Development Officer

The Circle is growing and we are developing our Community Centre for the City of Dundee. We have had success to date in terms of funding and our newest opportunity is a Training and Development Officer.

Training and Development Officer

£20k pro rata


21 hours per week

(subject to funding this role may have the option to be full time)

1 year fixed term

Areas of responsibility

The Training and Development Officer is responsible for supporting the development of a business plan and training and vocational programme at The Circle. This will include:

  • Market and stakeholder analysis
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the community so that training is kept up to date and relevant
  • Developing links with hard-to-reach groups in the community and working with existing organisations
  • Developing a business plan for income generation
  • Identifying opportunities, establishing and maintaining links to organisations working in this area and developing and keeping an up-to-date database
  • Developing a range of taster sessions
  • Developing a menu of training courses
  • Developing a financial operating plan in conjunction with The Circle Manager and CEO and the Board of Directors
  • Marketing strategy for new training programmes to prospective clients. This will include developing and marketing case studies that illustrate best practice and success in the work of The Circle – work with Marketing Director on Board
  • Development of a 2-year project plan of the training programme
  • Opening and closing of The Circle building as named Key Holder


Training delivery and evaluation

The Training and Development Officer is accountable for:

  • Managing development and design of training programmes focused on the needs of the market
  • Development and updating of existing resources and training/teaching materials
  • Identify and engage potential course tutors to supplement the expertise in The Circle
  • Marketing of training courses and effective web-based information
  • The day-to-day administration of the training courses, including organising course applications and issuing joining materials to attendees
  • Development, coordination and delivery of course evaluations to continuously improve the training and to deliver cost effective courses
  • Written reports and providing management with feedback


Personal and professional development

The Training and Development Officer will be expected to:

  • Attend training courses relevant to the development of the service and professional needs
  • Attend supervision with The Circle Manager and partake in annual appraisal
  • Promote the work of The Circle and the training courses through attendance and presentations/papers at relevant conferences


Person specification


  • An understanding of business planning processes and analysis techniques
  • Good project management skills to support successful delivery of training programmes
  • An ability to write effective development and business plans
  • An ability to develop and maintain relationships with existing and prospective clients
  • A positive attitude
  • Negotiation skills
  • Plenty of initiative
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Ability to work calmly and efficiently under pressure



  • Knowledge/experience of working with people with working in the community
  • Experience of developing and training programmes



If you want to go straight ahead and apply then please send me your CV and a covering note explaining:

  1. What you think you can bring to The Circle and how you might develop this role?
  2. What experience you have of any of these tasks?
  3. What do you want to get out of role?


The closing date for this role is Wednesday 22nd August 5pm.

The interviews will be held on Thursday 31st August (am) – at the interview you will be asked to present your vision for the role. More details will be confirmed if you are selected for interview.

If you would like to discuss the role in more detail please contact

Kirsty Thomson CEO at The Circle on or call 07756471334