The Circle is a “More Than Profit” organisation focused on working with social entrepreneurs, community activists, charity leaders, commercial business leaders, trustees and non-executive directors.

The Circle is a hub for charities, social enterprises, community groups and socially aware businesses in Dundee. We provide affordable offices, co-working and community space, as well as affordable meeting and event spaces.

In addition to our property services, we offer consultancy and business support to those starting up and developing their organisations. We provide advice, support and training on areas including accessing funding, governance and strategic planning.

The Circle Academy is a 12-week programme focused on developing skills and knowledge in the following key areas; mindset, business model, finance, legal, governance, people, social impact and sustainability through multiple income streams.

We provide a pathway to the third sector through volunteering, work experience, student placements and internships.

By bringing organisations together, we are promoting collaboration and fostering social innovation across the country.

Our Vision

The Circle will contribute to a vibrant, enterprising and sustainable community, with improved quality of life, and which allows the whole community the opportunity to fulfil their social aspirations through upskilling, work, volunteering, social, educational and leisure opportunities. 

Our Mission

To provide a community facility for charities, social enterprises and socially responsible commercial businesses to have access to education, training, offices (fixed or co-working), meeting spaces, advice, information and guidance, educational resources, social and leisure opportunities.  We also aim to ensure the longer-term viability of this resource by working with others to access grants and encourage a degree of self–sustainability from income from the services we provide.


These values are the guiding principles that The Circle uses to manage its internal affairs as well as its relationship with customers.

INCLUSION: We create an environment where our customers, our team and our visitors experience working together for the benefit of all.   PIONEERING: We want to do things differently and do more than just exist, avoiding the ‘because it has always been done that way’ attitude.   EMPOWERMENT: We believe in the value of enabling our customers and our team to reach their full potential.   PROFESSIONALISM: We should be identified as different within our sector, showing professionalism in all our interactions. TEAMWORK: We aspire to have an inclusive organisation where team member where collective strengths overcome individual weaknesses and show that our pioneering approach is best brought by many people working as a highly effective team.   FAIRNESS: We commit to doing what we say we will do as we work to redress the imbalance of society.