Case Study – Jack Joyce

It has always been the vision of The Circle to be present in many places across Scotland, the UK and internationally. Discussions began in 2019 to bring The Circle to Glasgow and Easterhouse was selected as the perfect location. The Circle’s business model works best when embedded in the communities we support as opposed to being based in a busy city centre location. Those who will benefit from the venture will primarily be people who live in, work in, and visit these areas. They will benefit from access to the facilities and services provided at the venue as well as from the re-investment of any surpluses generated into further local initiatives.

“We’ve always wanted to run hubs in multiple locations and now, after operating in Dundee for almost five years we’re confident that we have created a model we can replicate. We’re very excited for this next step in our development and to expand our community.”

Kirsty Thomson, Founder & CEO The Circle

We first hired Jack back in June after a successful interview through Community Jobs Scotland. Jack joins our facilities team in Glasgow and we caught up with him to see how he is settling into his new role.

Jack Joyce by Yulia Skulskikh

How old are you, Jack? I have just turned 18.

Where have you worked in the past? I have been a gardener and landscaper, a butcher, a store assistant and a labourer. I got the job of Labouring through Barnardo’s but was only given a 12-week contract and I was unemployed for a week before I heard about the job at The Circle.

How did you hear about the job at The Circle? A family friend worked at Barnardo’s, and they made me aware of the opportunity.

Do you enjoy working at The Circle? Yeah, it’s a great team to work with, everyone is close, and you really feel part of something. And the fuller the building gets the better it will be.

What does a regular day at The Circle look like? Morning is checking in with reception, everything is ok, walk rounds, check-in with tenants, delivering mail. I sit in reception to give Holly a hand and then move on to cleaning the building and tenants’ offices.

What do you think of The Circle being in Easterhouse? It makes a big difference in Easterhouse, it gives such a sense of community.

If you weren’t at The Circle, what would you be doing? I would probably be in a part-time job in retail.

What are your aspirations for the future? It would be great to move up through The Circle and become more than the facilities assistant. I’m really looking forward to the team growing and the building being full of exciting tenants.

Photos by Yulia Skulskikh

If you are interested in a space in Glasgow, get in touch with Tom, our Centre Manager.

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