Squaring The Circle on SROI with Lynn Hendry

Demonstrating the impact and value of your organisation essential, especially nowadays for the continued success of your organisation.

Organisations are accountable to their funders in terms of evidencing how they have spent any grants they receive and the outcomes of the projects these have funded. And increasingly, consumers are considering a companies social impact when making purchasing decisions, and in an era of greenwashing and virtue signaling, consumers want proof of what their money is going to support.

For companies that function solely to generate profit, measuring their growth and ability to achieve this is relatively straightforward. But for organisations that what to make an impact beyond profit, measuring things that are a little more human led, and a little more qualitative can be a little more challenging.

But how do you communicate the successes of your organisation when these go above and beyond profit?

SROI: Social Return Of Investment with Lynn Hendry will break down some barriers and provide useful tools not only to measure but also communicate evidence of your social impact with stakeholders, ensuring you can continue to acquire funding and attract socially conscious customers.

Squaring The Circle on Social Return on Investment with Lynn Hendry

Trained initially as a Secondary School Teacher, Lynn has worked for over 10 years in and with the not for profit sector. She has experience of working in both local and central Government and in these roles been a member of strategic working groups within the UK and in Europe. She has participated in National policy consultation for the development and delivery of both Enterprise Education and Health Promotion strategies for young people.

She has worked with the Hunter Foundation since 2006 and in that time supported a range of projects focussed on education and wider service reform in Scotland. She commissions & manages a wide range of external research contracts aligned to each investment and is responsible for ensuring all investment KPI’s are delivered in time and as agreed.

The Foundation partners with a number of broadcasters including STV and BBC to raise awareness of the issues associated with child poverty and invest in interventions which enable change at the root cause. Lynn manages the investment strategies and deliverables for these partnerships.

Date And Time

Thursday 21st January 2021

14:00 – 15:30

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