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What Is The Semi Circle?

The Semi Circle is a programme we have launched under The Circle Academy. 2020 has seen huge changes to the way we do things and brought our plans for a digital version of our in-person Academy programme right to the forefront. We’ve created a specialised digital learning platform to host our programme and populated it with new and improved content.

The Semi Circle is designed to equip individuals working on, in or towards an organisation which creates positive change with essential business skills and knowledge. It is also a response to the need for more flexible learning opportunities within this area. Most leaders and entrepreneurs are busy people, either fitting in working on their business alongside other commitments such as family, freelance work, volunteering or existing careers, or are often already in business and need to learn as they go. The Semi Circle package has been designed with this in mind.

It’s been crafted with an understanding that online learning experiences can be frustrating, monotonous, and sometimes isolating. So we’ve designed a programme to be as personable and engaging as possible, give you the option to interact with and gain insight from real people, start conversations and access networks you ordinarily wouldn’t have access to, with content crafted and delivered by real life experts, not through AI or endless slide decks.

Offering a flexible digital learning option to The Circle Academy also means we can get closer to our mission of creating an ecosystem of strong, long-lasting organisations creating positive impact. It means we can reach more and more More Than Profit leaders and support the growth and sustainability of socially and environmentally impactful organisations on a local, national and global level.

Why is it called the Semi Circle?

The Semi Circle is one programme we run alongside The Full Circle (our 12 week intensive programme), and Squaring The Circle (access to individual live speaker sessions). It contains 20 of the most crucial, informative, and exclusive sessions from The Full Circle programme.

A lot of leaders and entrepreneurs have the drive to create change, but not all are born with an entrepreneurial mindset, or have the chance to study to become experts in business. We believe the semi circle is the missing piece; The piece containing invaluable and crucial business knowledge and expertise that otherwise could take decades to cultivate. The other half that once paired with an individuals passion for a cause, their lived experience, innovative ideas, and their own field of expertise, creates the foundations for a successful and sustainable more than profit business.

What’s included in The Semi Circle?

The Semi Circle is an introduction to More Than Profit and social entrepreneurship.

We recognise that not everyone is in the position to commit to the intensive ‘Full Circle’ programme and to address this, the brand new ‘Semi Circle’ programme covers all of the topics of the Full Circle programme, but in a condensed, flexible, access any time format.

Semi Circle participants will have access to 20 of the ‘Semi Circle’ programme expert led sessions and 6 More Than Profit downloadable business templates and content. This amounts to around 35 hours worth of self-study time. You will have access to The Circle Academy online platform for one year where you will find resources, session recordings and a forum for connecting with other participants.

Participants can access the recordings of these sessions for self-study at any time on the platform. The Circle also has paid consultancy services that you can employ to help embed your learning.

The total cost for this package is £500

If you’d like to view the full breakdown of sessions and exclusive content, you can view our Semi Circle Prospectus.

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