Squaring The Circle

Squaring The Circle: To find the solution to a seemingly impossible challenge 

Join us for a series of webinars designed to provide third sector organisations with the relevant knowledge to find solutions to issues facing the sector today.
Throughout this series Kirsty Thompson, CEO of The Circle CIC, and a number of industry experts will deliver weekly sessions on funding, marketing, governance and more. 
These sessions will include an overview of the topic, an interactive activity and time for a Q&A session where the speaker can answer your burning questions. 

Squaring The Circle on Funding with Kirsty Thomson

17th June 2020 2:30-4pm

The world of funding can be complex to navigate and if you don’t know what funders are looking for it can make it difficult to get the funding your organisation or project needs. Acquiring funding is particularly important for many organisations at the moment to plug the gaps in cash flows and to allow them to adapt their way of working in response to the covid-19 crisis. Join Founder and CEO of The Circle, Kirsty Thomson for a webinar where she’ll be covering what you need to know about the world of funding. 

Kirsty has over 20 years of experience of working with and for charities, social enterprises and community groups and has raised over £13million in that time. She is a serial social entrepreneur, having founded 2 social enterprises of her own in the past 8 years. 

You can register to attend this webinar here.

Squaring The Circle on Community Fundraising and Volunteering with Sarah Johnston

24th June 2020 2:30-4pm

​Are you looking to gain a better understanding of community fundraising and how to utilise and manage volunteers for your fundraising efforts? Join Tayside Regional Fundraising Manager, Sarah Johnston, for a webinar on Community Fundraising and Volunteer Management. 

Sarah is a seasoned corporate and community fundraising manager, bringing a wealth of experience from both UK wide and Scottish charities. Sarah has also spent time as a charity trustee.

She started her career in marketing roles within the Higher Education sector, before making the move to the third sector nearly 7 years ago.

You can register to attend this webinar here.

Squaring The Circle on Marketing with Linda Isles

1st July 2020 2:30-4pm

Join seasoned Communications and Marketing professional, Linda Isles, for a webinar on marketing for third sector organisations. Linda will help you understand the techniques you can use to better market your organisation and answer your pressing questions around marketing and communications. 
Linda has 18 years’ experience in communications and marketing. She began her career as a journalist, moving into writing and marketing for businesses before driving the communications strategy of a major Scottish charity. She now works with freelance clients across all sectors, helping them with everything from social media to strategy. 

You can register to attend this webinar here.

Squaring The Circle on Event Management with Eleanor Whitby

​8th July 2020 2:30-4pm

Many organisations have had to postpone and cancel their upcoming events for the foreseeable future in the face of the covid-19 crisis and are unsure how to run events in the future. Founder of Red Pepper Events, Eleanor Whitby, will be sharing her knowledge and expertise in Event Management in this webinar to help you understand how you might organise events following the lockdown. 

Eleanor has over 20 years event planning and marketing experience. Working on projects for a number of large corporate firms, Scottish based charities and individuals. Eleanor enjoys lending her time to generate the success of other businesses by increasing profile through events, social media, marketing strategy and bringing an understanding of the individual business or charity to the appropriate audience. Setting budgets, marketing parameters and fully understanding the businesses that she represents provide her with an opportunity to embrace longer leading goals. Eleanor is also a big believer in growth mindset and is a gratitude orientated human, which she loves to share with others #LittleHitsofHappiness

You can register to attend this webinar here.

Squaring The Circle on Self Care and Wellbeing with Alvina Menzies

15th July 2020 2:30-4pm

Many people’s wellbeing has been negatively impacted by the pandemic the ensuing restrictions that have been put in place. Join Alvina Menzies for a webinar where she will take you through some of the basics of self-care and looking after your wellbeing not only for difficult situations such as the pandemic but in your everyday life as well. 

Alvina is mum to two teenagers, wife and a dog mum too! Having spent 24 years in her full time career working within the financial services sector in senior leadership and management roles since 1998, she took a career break in Nov ’18 and is now a budding social entrepreneur with two #morethanprofit business models.   

Alvina is passionate about helping, supporting, inspiring and developing people and has a caring, people centred approach to her coaching and mentoring clients. Through her personal development programme called The SPRING Solution™ she aims to help others enhance their self care, build confidence and resilience to empower their personal and professional growth.

You can register to attend this webinar here.

Squaring The Circle on Trustees with Kirsty Thomson

29th July 2020 2:30-4pm

Are you unsure of what to look for in Trustees or what their duties include? Join us for a webinar with The Circle’s Founder and CEO Kirsty Thomson where she will answer your questions on Trustees including their duties and how to go about recruitment. 

Kirsty has been a Trustee on 6 boards so far throughout her career. She has also supported a number of third sector organisations recruit Trustees and provided training for Boards. 

You can register to attend this webinar here.

We hope that through sharing our knowledge in a way that is accessible to all third sector organisations, we will help to build a resilient sector that is empowered with the knowledge to thrive in times of adversity.

“We want to use our expertise to ensure that the organisations that provide vital services to our communities are able to survive and thrive through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.” 

Kirsty Thomson, CEO, The Circle

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