The Circle Academy future participants will become qualified social entrepreneurs

The Circle Academy, a 12 week training programme for individuals interested in running a more than profit business, has been awarded accreditation from the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Meaning the invaluable learning on the programme will be complemented by an internationally recognised qualification.

Participants wishing to obtain the ‘The Circle Academy Award In Social Entrepreneurship’ will be supported to attain a number of achievements; Candidates will ultimately develop business acumen and knowledge to run a successful More Than Profit business. They will be expected to understand the importance of ‘good governance’ and how to run successful boards and board meetings. The candidates will also improve their financial knowledge to understand cash flow, financial planning and diversity of income. Additionally, their leadership and management skills alongside understanding how to support a diverse and strong team will be developed.

On completion of The Academy candidates will have demonstrated their newfound knowledge through a detailed business plan, marketing plan, and cash flow, have finetuned their pitching skills, and will walk away with an SCQF Level 7, which is equivalent to an advanced higher or Higher National Certificate.

“The Circle Academy is our answer to the growing number of organisations being set up by people with fantastic social aims but little or no experience in setting up or running an organisation. The Circle Academy provides the kind of knowledge and practical experience that we believe is vital to any More Than Profit venture. We are thrilled to have the programme recognised with this SQA accreditation.”

Founder and CEO of The Circle, Kirsty Thomson

The SQA accreditation will be available to individuals wishing to participate in cohort 3 of The Academy, which is scheduled to begin in September 2020. Successful applicants will benefit from industry expert speakers, 1-1 consultancy sessions and access to course specific learning resources.

You can find more information about The Circle Academy here.

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