Case Study – Caledonia Housing Association

In March 2019 we were approached by Caledonia Housing Association to deliver consultancy services. Our consultancy team, Kirsty and Jenny, met with Maureen Menzies, Home Help Coordinator and Gill Donoghue, Head of Support Services who informed us that they were looking for someone to help inspire and motivate their Home Help staff to become more enterprising and autonomous within their roles. Caledonia were looking at changing the way they ran the Home Help Service to improve it for the benefit of their clients, staff and the organisation as a whole. Maureen and Gill asked us to run a course of training sessions for some of the staff and to support them to collate their ideas on how to change their service for the better.

Over the course of a few months The Circle ran several half-day training sessions which covered a range of topics including Growth Mindset, Finance and Sales & Selling. Kirsty and Jenny also worked with the Home Help team to create a pitch on the changes that they wanted to see be made to their current service. This pitch was then delivered by the whole Home Help team to a number of senior management staff at Caledonia Housing Association.

Testimonial – Gill Donoghue

“We’d had consultants in reviewing how it operated which spurred us to consider that we couldn’t make a service ‘profitable’ if we’d only ever modelled it to break even.  Being aware of Kirsty’s entrepreneurial approach to social enterprise felt like a good fit, and after a few conversations we established that as the staff team were best placed to design and co-produce a new service model, that investing in developing them and giving them skills and tools to help would benefit everyone. 

Finding an organisation that had the ability to support and develop our services, and, in doing so support and develop its staff (and can source the right people to deliver this) is probably quite unique – the learning academy wasn’t just about a learning and development programme for staff, nor was it about conducting an organisational or service review; it managed to combine both! The feedback from senior colleagues, some new to the organisation, was brilliant, and has given that group of staff, and the service they provide a new focus and a spotlight within the organisation.”

The Circle provides advice, support and training to charities, social enterprises, community groups and sole traders. Our consultancy team offers support in a number of areas including legal structure, governance, funding and business planning, as well as a number of training packages for staff and Board members.

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