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The Circle launches training programme in partnership with Caledonia Housing Association

The Circle has worked with charity Caledonia Housing Association to run a training programme for their home help service staff. The aim of this initiative is to empower the staff to become more enterprising in order to help make the changes that they would like to see made to the current home help services.

The Circle has worked closely with Caledonia Housing Association’s Home Help Coordinator, Maureen Menzies, and Head of Support Services, Gill Donoghue, to develop the course. The training sessions will cover a range of topics including growth mindset, business models and pricing. The outcome of the training will be that the staff who attend will develop a more enterprising mindset and work together to create a pitch on the changes think should be made to the current home help service. They will then deliver their pitch to the CEO and the Board of Caledonia Housing Association.

Founder and CEO of The Circle, Kirsty Thomson, is glad that the organisation are encouraging their staff to become more enterprising,

“We are excited to be working with Caledonia Housing Association on this initiative. It’s exciting to see an organisation which is invested in involving their staff in the evolution of their services. The staff who are participating in this training programme are enthusiastic about making changes that will benefit not only themselves and Caledonia but their clients.”

The Home Help service staff have already expressed their excitement about participating in the training programme. One of the staff members, Caroline Connell said,

“Upon arriving at The Circle I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was made to feel very welcome and immediately feeling at ease, the staff are friendly and approachable. The start of the session was interesting, led by a man representing Growth Mindset, which was knowledgeable and opened your mind to what we are about to do through the course, to look at things from a different point of view.  A great approach for a course, changed days from courses I have attended in the past. Looking forward to the next sessions.”

Jamie McBrearty delivers a talk on Growth Mindset to Caledonia Housing's home help service staff.

The Circle offers consultancy services to charities, social enterprises, community groups and individuals and organisations interested in a More Than Profit approach. Kirsty and Trainee Associate Consultant, Jenny McCarthy, have been working with The Circle’s Academy Manager, Kara Swankie, to deliver the training programme. To find out more about how The Circle could support you visit our Consultancy Services page or contact

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