Dundee Soup at the V&A Speakers Announced

The Circle and Creative Dundee are excited to announce the speakers for their sixth Dundee Soup event. Dundee Soup is a social event supporting local community-based projects and creating new connections in the city. We’re delighted to let you know that the next Dundee Soup will happen on Wednesday 8th May, from 6pm – 8pm, at V&A Dundee, as part of Dundee Design Month 2019.

Genna Miller presenting Community Food Larder and Freecycle, a project helping to provide the community of North East Dundee with cheap food and the chance to reduce, reuse and recycle, while empowering the local community through volunteering opportunities. They also provide a space and a platform for other projects, groups and enterprises to showcase what they do and what they can offer to the community.

Andrew Batchelor presenting Dundee Culture, a digital platform showcasing Dundee to the world and a hub to all things cultural in Dundee! Dundee Culture post and share new content based on the latest cultural news and events from across the city ranging from concerts to theatre productions, from festivals to public events, Dundee Culture does it all!

Sorcha Pringle presenting A Shared City, a project using the arts to bring women from different cultural backgrounds living in Dundee together, and exploring what does it mean to make A place Home as a community of multicultural women. This will be gathering of women from different backgrounds to eat, discuss and create.

Saoirse Anis presenting Deetour, a trail of around ten artworks on various sites on or visible from the streets, starting from near the V&A, heading up towards Stobswell, to celebrate the fact that Dundee’s creativity isn’t confined to the waterfront. They could be experienced during an organised tour, or merely stumbled-upon by chance.

For a suggested donation of £5, attendees receive a simple soup supper and hear up to four short presentations from local people running community projects. Once the groups have pitched their projects to the attending public everyone will vote for their preferred project, the ballots are counted and the winner will go home with all of the money raised on the night.

Dundee Soup dinners are open to anyone – whether you need help for an idea that could benefit the Dundee community or whether you want to support a project that aims to tackle local challenges!

Please follow the link below to find out more information about our previous Dundee Soup events.

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