Our new Academy Manager, Kara

I am writing this on my third day working with The Circle and I have already been blown away by what an incredible and exciting place it is to be. The buzz when you walk through the door is infectious and instantly makes you want to get involved.

I come from a solely business background. I opened my first business at 19 whilst still at University, which myself and my business partner then sold on. After that, we opened Dundee Strength Unit. D.S.U. has now been bought over and has left me in an exciting position to go out and develop my own skill base. For me, The Circle Academy Manager was the perfect opportunity and to be frank, I thought it sounded a little too good to be true. I was looking for a role where I could share my first-hand experience in opening, running and then ultimately selling business and all the challenges associated. Working within a Social Enterprise rather than a commercial business is something that is totally new to me however I already feel it is a perfect fit. Hearing the words ‘Doing Good Things’ from Kirsty on day one hooked me right in. 

On a personal level, I am a Power-lifter with my biggest achievement, winning Gold at the Commonwealth Power-lifting Championships. This dedication and drive are something that I feel will have a great carry over into my role at The Circle and has been invaluable in my career so far. I thrive on setting goals and smashing them, however long they take. I can be extremely stubborn and usually once I set my mind to something, I’ll make it happen.

Being involved in The Academy is going to take ALOT of hard work from everyone involved, I can’t wait to get started. 

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