Jenny McCarthy has joined The Circle team

I am The Circle’s newest member of staff having joined in January 2019. My role is Trainee Associate Consultant so I will be working closely with Kirsty on our consultancy services.

I started at The Circle after four years working for ACK Third Sector Consultancy CIC, a consultancy for charities, social enterprises, community groups and individuals working in the third sector. My time with ACK began on a 13-week placement through Craigowl Communities’ Toolbox Project. The placement involved doing administrative work. After the placement was finished, they decided to keep me on part time as a Junior Administrator. In time my role developed and I moved into a new position as a Marketing Officer which was a great fit for me.

This was my first job, I had left school at 16 with just one higher and hadn’t been able to find employment for several months. I was thrilled when they told me that they wanted to hire me. Looking for a job and not being successful for so long had knocked my confidence so to be told that I had valuable skills that made them want to keep me on was very encouraging. In the four years I spent at ACK I became much more confident in myself and my abilities and I learned so many new things, especially about the third sector.

Kirsty launched The Circle in November 2016 and ACK moved our offices into the new premises. When ACK moved into The Circle, I got the chance to provide them with some marketing support which let me demonstrate my skillset. I was offered the chance to join The Circle team full-time in the new role of Trainee Associate Consultant starting in January 2019 which I happily accepted.

I’m grateful for the support and knowledge that I got in my time as part of the ACK team. I truly feel like I got very lucky when I was taken on to work there, I couldn’t have asked for a better first job. I helped raise money for amazing organisations, met some great people and got involved with all sorts of events – I even dressed up as a monster a few times!

I’ve joined a fantastic team who sincerely care about supporting each other and The Circle tenants. It’s nice to know that I am part of team that shares my core values and that I can really get along with rather than simply being colleagues. I’m looking forward to being involved as The Circle evolves and getting to sink my teeth into a completely new role.

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