Welcoming you to The Circle on a Monday morning are Sarah and Dawn!

How did you find out about The Circle?

Sarah: We met Simona at a mindfulness group through the charity, Children First. She told us about The Circle and we started out doing a bit of volunteering with Simona around Christmas last year.

Why did you want to volunteer?

Sarah: I was a full-time stay-at-home mum and my kids are all grown up now and it’s quite difficult to get back into the workforce so I thought, volunteering is the way to go!
Dawn: To get out the house and partly to keep myself sane!

What do you like about The Circle?

Dawn: Everybody here is quite friendly, you can speak to everybody.
Sarah: Pretty much the same; Getting to know people, getting to talk to other people and keeping myself busy. And there’s always things to do here.
Dawn: Since we’ve volunteered here, we met Kirsty at WEvolution through Simona. And now we’ve got our own group (Back Beat)

What do you think you bring to The Circle?

Dawn: A bit of sunshine!
Sarah: A friendly face when you come through the reception.

If you are interested in Volunteering at The Circle, please contact paul@thecircledundee.org.uk

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