Tenant Tuesday – Meet Lucy Milne from Lumilo Casting Studio

Your name and organisation and what you do?

My name is Lucy Milne and I am the director of Lumilo Casting Studio. We specialise in creating life castings of the human body. We take incredibly detailed impressions and make them tangible memories to keep forever. People may be most familiar with baby feet/hand castings, but we are also very busy with couples hand castings, and family castings featuring up to 8 family members.

When did you move into The Circle?
We moved in May 2017 and haven’t looked back since.
What made you choose the Circle?
Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with another studio space I was renting, and was desperately looking for somewhere else. I posted on Facebook, and a friend of mine put me in touch with a friend of The Circle. I am so grateful to both of them for introducing me, as I absolutely love it here. Once I viewed the space, I was blown away with the size of the space, the community feel, and the friendly atmosphere. I knew instantly it was the ideal place for Lumilo Casting Studio.
What you do like about being here?
I like how there are different friendly faces on reception every day, and no one passes you without saying hello. If I ever have any queries, they are always answered quickly and in a professional yet friendly manner. I like how big the building is, I always feel as though I have plenty of my own space. My customers always comment how nice an atmosphere the building has, when they visit my studio.
What do you and your organisation hope to bring to The Circle and its community?
I hope to bring something different to The Circle as we aren’t your typical business model, and we always attract attention from visitors when we are out taking photographs, or have adorable babies in for their castings. I would love to be involved in work with other tenants of The Circle, whether that be to collaborate, or even host a day of team building with a group of people. Life casting is fun after all!
You can see more of Lucy’s work here Lumilo Casting Studio

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