WHY Lunch and Learn?

As a new and growing organisation, we have much to learn. We want to invite the community to come along and learn with us too.

The Circle is the most recent tenant of a 1960s training centre. It is ideally set up to offer learning opportunities in classroom, seminar and practical settings with a kitchen and gardens available; so let’s start learning!

From June we will be offering free weekly ‘lunch and learn’ sessions on an absurdly wide range of topics. We can do this due to the generosity of the people in our network who are happy to give us an hour of their time to talk about and demonstrate their skills and expertise. We also invite you to bring a packed lunch with you so you can spend your lunch hour replenishing both your mind and body.

We will be holding most of the sessions in our co-working space. This gives you a chance to see the space that is currently available for free use and gives you an opportunity to meet other people from the community.

Our lunch and learn sessions can be of interest to businesses, charities, individuals, community groups, members of the public and families. The whole point of The Circle is to get these groups mixing and sharing skills and services. By building a community, we can make connections and build collaborations for the benefit of Dundee.

The second session can be booked via Eventbrite:

21st June at 12noon – Easy steps to increase your IT security with Steve Smith from Shackleton Technologies.


Please consider booking a place at one of these sessions and if you wish to come and share your skills, do leave a comment.

We are also keen to get a range of requests for topics to cover. Future events may include tax, sour dough pizza-making, personal injury and credit score strategies.

By Nicola Donnelly

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