Three months as a Creative Apprentice at The Circle

We can’t believe how quickly Jamsin’s three months at The Circle went by. We couldn’t be prouder of her work and can’t quite believe it was her first experience of the working world. She tackled all her tasks with enthusiasm and cheer and made a great impression on the tenants and visitors here. We will miss her while she goes on to work at Creative Dundee and Open Change, our partners with Applied Arts Scotland, in offering this apprenticeship.

We asked Jasmin to complete two tasks in her last week. Record a video on ‘What is a social enterprise?’ and reflect on the first three months of her apprenticeship. These pieces of work show the impact young people can make in the workplace and the rewards of offering opportunities.

My time at The Circle

My time at The Circle has felt like a lot longer than it actually has been because I have gained so much more confidence. It’s so hard to think that I could achieve that in only 3 months. I was never a shy person, I just didn’t really know how to interact with people as well as I do today. I haven’t only gained a lot more confidence, I have also made new friends and met loads of amazing people as well as the people I worked with at The Circle. I am so thankful for what they have taught me! If it wasn’t for Nicola and Kirsty, if I got a job in the future in an office I would have absolutely no idea what to expect and how to help or get started but they have both taught me how. I have done such a huge variety of things here such as cleaning the kitchen cupboards to going to get ice cream!

I have done so much more stuff including –

  • Drawings/quotes on the whiteboard every morning
  • Moving furniture
  • Updating social media and using Canva Canva
  • Getting tea, coffee, water and biscuits for events that happen here.
  • Receptionist
  • Using Excel and Word
  • Delivering mail
  • Answering the phone

They are only some of the things I have done here but I have very much enjoyed every minute of it.

When I go to work with Creative Dundee, I hope to be a bit more interactive with people and the amazing events they host all the time! I’m excited to meet more people and potentially make new friends.

What is a social enterprise?

Jasmin answers using examples and interviews resident entrepreneur, Alasdair McGill.

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