Questions asked about The Circle on a daily basis

A blog post by Jasmin, Creative Apprentice at The Circle.

Nicola and myself have come up with some questions about The Circle people tend to ask the most often. I have typed up the questions and also put the answers to them underneath so it is easier for people to find out more information about The Circle without scanning through the website for the answer you are looking for. Hopefully we have covered all of them!

What does The Circle do?

Kirsty has founded a new social enterprise, Circle Scotland CIC, which will lease the building and provide services to tenants, members and groups around the city. It launched in November 2016 and the transformation of the building into a thriving, productive hub for the community is underway.

What are the prices of offices and meeting rooms?

Rent an office

Available space range from 198 sq ft to 570 sq ft and start at £1980 per annum (ex VAT).

Training rooms

All £10 an hour or £50 a day (ex VAT).

What time does The Circle open and close?

Monday-Friday 9.00am-16.30pm (unless you want to book us for an event in the evenings or weekends).

Who are the tenants?

  • ACK (Along Came Kirsty)
  • Ashton McGill
  • Apex Scotland
  •  (FIT) Fields In Trust Scotland
  • Food Train
  • Prestige Training
  • Rathbone

Where is The Circle?

4-6 Staffa Place DD2 3SX

What bus services can you take?

1A, 1B, 12A, 10A, 12

Link to Xplore Dundee.

What events are on?

March 16th – Brexit strategy workshop

March 23rd – Early Days and Changing Ways – Social Investment Scotland

March 28th – Brexit strategy workshop

April 26th – Dundee Soup

Who works at The Circle?

Kirsty Thomson, Nicola Donnelly and Jasmin Simpson

Who is on the board at The Circle?

  • Mike Press
  • Alasdair McGill
  • Euan McLeod
  • Kirsty Thomson

Is there parking?

Yes, there is – and its free!



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