Meet our Creative Apprentice, Jasmin!

We are delighted to be working with Applied Arts Scotland, Creative Dundee and Open Change to offer a Creative Apprentice post. Jasmin Simpson joined us this month in her first placement of her apprenticeship which will lead to a Modern Apprentice qualification in Creative Digital Media. Jasmin will also work with Creative Dundee and Open Change in this twelve-month long post. We are glad we could partner with other forward-thinking organisations to offer an important employment opportunity so early in our own journey and put employability in the heart of what we do at The Circle.

Jasmin has got off to a busy start at The Circle with facilitating events, scheduling social media and responding to enquiries. We grabbed her in a spare moment to get to know her better.

Why did you want to be an apprentice?

I didn’t enjoy school and my Deputy Head Teacher was helping me look at college courses and apprenticeships. We came across the Applied Arts Scotland apprenticeship and I really thought I’d enjoy it.

Why did a Creative Apprentice post appeal to you?

I am really into art and design so a creative apprenticeship sounded really good to me.

What are you hoping to get of out the apprenticeship? I would like to maybe work for one of the three organisations I am currently working with at the moment (Creative Dundee, Open Change and The Circle) or maybe study at art college

What are you excited about?

I am excited to see how all three organisations do things differently from one another and to learn about how they do things and why they do it.

Anything you are less excited about?

There isn’t anything.

What’s your favourite thing about The Circle?

I really like how everyone is so welcoming, helpful and easy to talk to.

Final question: Why do you think Dundee is such a creative city?

I think Dundee is such a creative city because off all the different galleries there are and all the different art related events which go on in the city.

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