Visit The Circle in Staffa Place, Dundee

I’ve read your website. Can I come and see The Circle for myself?

We have been bowled over by the interest from within Dundee and further afield in what we are doing at The Circle. Understandably there is a lot of public interest in this building as we are taking on what was formerly known as the Claverhouse Building, which has been a city training centre for decades with generations coming through the doors on Staffa Place for employment and skills training.

There is also a lot of curiosity about the future for the building. Creating a community hub for social enterprises, charities and businesses to find affordable space and thrive by collaborating with like-minded organisations is a novel concept, especially so due to its mixed spaces of meeting rooms, co-working and offices.

There will be plenty of opportunity to come and take part in events at The Circle whether it’s for community events, training or meetings as already we are taking bookings for 2017. However, if you just want to come and have a nosey, you can absolutely do that too! We have put 3pm on Monday afternoons aside for visitors. Our Facilities & Services Development Manager, Nicola, will be happy to show you around and share our vision for the space.

You can book via Eventbrite so we know who is coming.

We look forward to seeing you!

One thought on “I’ve read your website. Can I come and see The Circle for myself?

  1. Diana Kemp says:

    Hi, I would like to come and view the Circle. I am a Craniosacral Therapist and Coach specialising in childrens difficulties and their carers and am looking at venues in Dundee to practice from.

    My work is mainly with autistic spectrum, tourettes and learning difficulties.

    Kirsty Thomson got in touch recently to make me aware of the Circle.

    I will be in Dundee tomorrow afternoon. If there is a possibility I could come and have a look, that would be perfect.

    Diana Kemp

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