What makes a good workspace?

At The Circle we are embarking on a journey that will transform a former government skills centre in Dundee to a vibrant hub of activity for charities, social enterprises, organisations and the community. We want to provide affordable workspace to people doing great work that helps the community as well as the economy.


With so much potential we want to make sure we get the space just right. We have refurbishment and development work to do and are working with expert local suppliers to get great service and quality of support. What is most important is that the space works for those who need it the most… So what do you think? What is most important in your workspace?

  1. Open-plan versus your own office
  1. Affordability
  1. Cleanliness
  1. Health and safety
  1. Customer service
  1. Super-speedy and ultra-reliable broadband
  1. Shiny décor and furnishing
  1. Networking and collaboration
  1. Security
  1. Facilities for eating and drinking
  1. City centre versus city suburbs
  1. Parking and access

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